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This is what you’re getting when you join the Blueprints Bundle:

Normal Price: $1,000

So for book #1, we have “Meeting New Women” where you’ll see the step-by-step to…

A1- Meeting new Woman Online Using Dating Apps

A2- Meeting New Woman Online Using Social Media

A3- Meeting new Women During the Day

A4- Meeting New Women At Night

Each of these situations has its own effortless step-by-step you should follow...

Not only that, but we also describe different scenarios and what to do in each possible one.

Do you want to strike up a conversation with a cutie on Instagram and invite her over for dinner?

Easy, open the book on page 23 and follow the step-by-step laid out there.

Or are you at the library and have this sex bomb right in front of you?

Wait no more, just take out your phone, open the book on page 27 and do exactly what we tell you to do.

Even a brain-dead fish could get laid using these blueprints.

Here’s what Chad X. has to say about it:

Chad X. 

Yo Eric this was a game-changer for me! I used to feel so anxious every time I wanted to approach a woman… it was bad.

The worst part was that I would then get pissed off at myself for not being “man enough” and just doing it. You know?

But that’s totally fixed now! Thanks to you! These done-for-you approaches are next level sh*t.

I know EXACTLY what to do whenever I want to approach a woman now… and in every kind of situation.

Just yesterday I was walking down the street, saw this cutie, and approached her doing what you lay out in the book. We’ve now been texting back and forth.

You the man, keep up the good work!

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Now, for book #2 we have “From First Date to Bed”...

Which will tell you exactly what to do to make sure your date goes smoothly and that you take her to bed at the end of the date.

We’ll teach exactly how to set up the perfect date and how to invite her…

How to pass her “shit tests” during the date…

(Yeah, women are continuously testing men so they can filter out the “weeds”)

How to keep the conversation interesting during the date…

Which cues to look for so you know if she’s attracted to you…

How to make a move on her…

How to move her from the date location to your home…

And how to make sure she won’t resist you at the last minute.

Dude, really, you just need to read this once and you’ll start crushing on all your dates.

Here’s what Francisco has to say about it:


Ai ai ai ai, I just made a move on a girl I took out on a first date… and got her to sleep with me. ON THE SAME DAY! AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Eheheh my mind is blown away. I love you guys.

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Next up we have book #3 “Conquering the Friendzone!”...

Both Eric and I have escaped the friendzone.

Plus, he has helped tons of other men escape the friend zone as well…

So this blueprint is flawless.

If you do this… it’s almost 100% guaranteed you’ll escape the friendzone.

It’s a 3-steps process that you must follow.

Not only that, but the book also teaches you how to NEVER fall into the friend zone again.

I think Alen said it best:


I’m gonna be honest: I was in the friend zone for like 4 years. It’s the worst feeling a man can have. The feeling of powerlessness… of not being a “man”. You know?

I bought your books kind of in an act of despair… but every day I thank god I did!

I loved the way you explained why the friend zone happens, and it made a lightbulb go on inside my head. Step #2 was definitely the hardest… but I see why it’s also the most important. Either way: it worked like gangbusters! After 4 years, I’m finally OUT!

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And book #4 which is called “Text Messages For Every Situation”...

So this book has dozens of done-for-you text messages that you only need to copy and paste in your life…


You’ve got text messages to invite women over for a date…

You’ve got text messages to send to women that you just met…

Messages to reinitiating contact with women you haven’t spoken to in a while…

A hell lotta stuff.

I’m sure you’ll love it.

"No Questions Asked" 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

The “No questions asked” 60-days money-back guarantee. If you don’t think the email coaching program gets you results or if you’re not happy for any reason at all, just shoot us an email at to get every penny back. Look, no one else in the industry has a money-back guarantee for coaching programs like this...  We are the only ones, which only goes to show how we’re doing this for YOU.

If you add it all up, this would cost you $1,000 (this is its retail price)...

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