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The Commitment Scale: The Secret To Everlasting Relationships

(Worth: $197)

  • The foolproof “Commitment Scale” that tells you precisely how committed a woman is to you… and why it is the secret to everlasting love.
  • Why women “suddenly” break up with men - and how to prevent that from ever happening to you! Page. 11
  • You should both commit to each other with the same intensity, right? WRONG! Learn on page 19 why her commitment should be a 9, while yours should be an 8 AT MAX. (Matching her commitment is a DANGEROUS mistake!)
  • The one simple rule you must ABSOLUTELY follow so you don’t lose her interest after 3-4 dates. Please, please, if this has happened to you before… read page 21 ASAP!
  • The only #3 things you need to do to raise her commitment to you. That’s it. Do this and watch her “Commitment Scale” go through the roof.
  • The sneaky way of communicating to her subconscious that you are a CATCH and have the upper hand.
  • WARNING! Why you should NEVER go out with her on a weekend if you just started dating. Read why on page 36.
  • The 1 type of date you should never take her on! Most men that do THIS “innocent” mistake end up in the dreadful friendzone.
  • Are you “slipping” and doing these 7 things BEFORE being her boyfriend? If so, they might be the REASON why women have lost interest in you before. Check page. 58
  • Did you know women have one last “Ultimate Test” before making up their minds about you? Here’s how to see it coming from a mile away… and how to crush it every single time - just as she’s expecting.
  • Romantic relationships ALWAYS go through 2 stages. Stage 1 major goal is raising her commitment level to 9 when she begins to fall in love with you. THESE indicators tell you her commitment level is rising. Page. 67
  • ATTENTION! After you’re her “boyfriend”, your relationship goes into stage 2… BUT the behavior that keeps her committed is DIFFERENT. Start behaving like this, or you risk LOSING HER! Read page. 72
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT KEEPING HER IN LOVE FOREVER -  The quickest, easiest 5 things you need to do to maintain her commitment at level 9 for as long as you want.
  • If she starts having one of these 11 attitudes, then her commitment for you is DROPPING dramatically. Revert back to stage 1 behavior and win her back, QUICK!
  • HERE’S AN IMPORTANT ONE - The 6 types of women you should NEVER date. (A LOT of women fall into these categories… so please, as soon as you spot THESE signs… steer away from them!)
  • The single most important question you have to ask yourself to know if you’ve found the right woman. It’s not hard - but the answer will give you all the answers you need.
  • BETTER THAN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. If you want to live happily ever after, look for these 4 traits in the woman you choose to spend your life with. Page. 102

Multiple Squirting Orgasms: The Best Sex of Her Life

(Worth: $197)

  • What you should NEVER do when trying to make a woman orgasm. Doing this will block her climax and turn your sex into the most frustrating thing of the year!
  • The 10 most common mistakes all men make in bed. WARNING: making only one of them is enough to ruin the whole experience for her. (Hint: they have nothing to do with the way you touch her)
  • A single indicator that will instantly tell you if she’s faking an orgasm (they’re not even aware of it themselves)
  • The quickest, easiest way to get her dripping wet for you. All women dream with what I teach on page 16, and as soon as you use it, you’ll fulfill her wildest sexual fantasies.
  • The single most important thing a man can do in the bedroom to make himself 275% more attractive to the opposite sex. It has nothing to do with your looks, and it even works for severely overweight guys.
  • The #1 secret to making her curl her toes with pleasure every time you touch her… this sends direct messages to her brain, making her wet even before you begin the foreplay. Page 24
  • Did you know that if a girl’s ____ are cold, it’s impossible to make her orgasm? Use this method to guarantee she orgasms every single time. Page 24.
  • If a girl is reluctant about hooking up with you, then tell her you’ll do a special massage - no strings attached. Follow my instructions and 3 out of 4 of your massages will end up in hardcore sex sessions.
  • A little known area women secretly crave to be touched that guarantees them mind-altering sexual experiences… (it is so simple… yet so little-known… even 83% of women don’t know about it)
  • Every vagina responds to different stimuli. On page 33 you’ll learn the sneaky way I use to instantly find out how to get every new girl off. Even if I just met her.
  • You might think you last long enough… but did you know about 65% of men cum too early!? Here are 2 things you should start doing IMMEDIATELY to prevent this from embarrassing you ever again. Page 42
  • My scientifically-proven “Orgasmic Setup” that combines the 3 biggest turn-ons for women. Now, you can use it to send a woman’s sexual senses into white-hot overdrive and give her an unforgettable experience for life.
  • How to use my 2-steps simple approach to make any woman SQUIRT like crazy, even if it’s her first time. ATTENTION: this will soak your whole bed, so have another pair of sheets at hand.
  • The secret to making her cum harder and stronger with Multiple Squirting Orgasms. This will rock her world in the bedroom and make her sexually addicted to you forever.
  • The technique that makes lesbians so good at oral sex (that all men need to know but don’t)... and how to use it to make girls SQUIRT using nothing but your tongue.
  • The 2 best positions to make women squirt like crazy and make you feel like you’re recording a professional porn movie. HINT: They work so well because of the thrusting angle, according to science.

The Blueprints Bundle

(Worth: $1000)

So for book #1, we have “Meeting New Women” where you’ll see the step-by-step to…

A1- Meeting new Woman Online Using Dating Apps

A2- Meeting New Woman Online Using Social Media

A3- Meeting new Women During the Day

A4- Meeting New Women At Night

Each of these situations has its own effortless step-by-step you should follow...

Not only that, but we also describe different scenarios and what to do in each possible one.

Do you want to strike up a conversation with a cutie on Instagram and invite her over for dinner?

Easy, open the book on page 23 and follow the step-by-step laid out there.

Or are you at the library and have this sex bomb right in front of you?

Wait no more, just take out your phone, open the book on page 27 and do exactly what we tell you to do.

Even a brain-dead fish could get laid using these blueprints.

Here’s what Chad X. has to say about it:

Chad X. 

Yo Eric this was a game-changer for me! I used to feel so anxious every time I wanted to approach a woman… it was bad.

The worst part was that I would then get pissed off at myself for not being “man enough” and just doing it. You know?

But that’s totally fixed now! Thanks to you! These done-for-you approaches are next level sh*t.

I know EXACTLY what to do whenever I want to approach a woman now… and in every kind of situation.

Just yesterday I was walking down the street, saw this cutie, and approached her doing what you lay out in the book. We’ve now been texting back and forth.

You the man, keep up the good work!

Like  Reply  10h

Now, for book #2 we have “From First Date to Bed”...

Which will tell you exactly what to do to make sure your date goes smoothly and that you take her to bed at the end of the date.

We’ll teach exactly how to set up the perfect date and how to invite her…

How to pass her “shit tests” during the date…

(Yeah, women are continuously testing men so they can filter out the “weeds”)

How to keep the conversation interesting during the date…

Which cues to look for so you know if she’s attracted to you…

How to make a move on her…

How to move her from the date location to your home…

And how to make sure she won’t resist you at the last minute.

Dude, really, you just need to read this once and you’ll start crushing on all your dates.

Here’s what Francisco has to say about it:


Ai ai ai ai, I just made a move on a girl I took out on a first date… and got her to sleep with me. ON THE SAME DAY! AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Eheheh my mind is blown away. I love you guys.

Like  Reply  10h

Next up we have book #3 “Conquering the Friendzone!”...

Both Eric and I have escaped the friendzone.

Plus, he has helped tons of other men escape the friend zone as well…

So this blueprint is flawless.

If you do this… it’s almost 100% guaranteed you’ll escape the friendzone.

It’s a 3-steps process that you must follow.

Not only that, but the book also teaches you how to NEVER fall into the friend zone again.

I think Alen said it best:


I’m gonna be honest: I was in the friend zone for like 4 years. It’s the worst feeling a man can have. The feeling of powerlessness… of not being a “man”. You know?

I bought your books kind of in an act of despair… but every day I thank god I did!

I loved the way you explained why the friend zone happens, and it made a lightbulb go on inside my head. Step #2 was definitely the hardest… but I see why it’s also the most important. Either way: it worked like gangbusters! After 4 years, I’m finally OUT!

Like  Reply  10h

And book #4 which is called “Text Messages For Every Situation”...

So this book has dozens of done-for-you text messages that you only need to copy and paste in your life…


You’ve got text messages to invite women over for a date…

You’ve got text messages to send to women that you just met…

Messages to reinitiating contact with women you haven’t spoken to in a while…

A hell lotta stuff.

I’m sure you’ll love it.

Remember: this is all backed by a 100% risk-free no bullshit no-questions-asked 60-days money-back guarantee.

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