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What is Subliminal Attraction Programming?

Subliminal Attraction Programming is a brand new ClickBank dating/relationship offer for men.

Main Appeal:

This offer goes very wide, calling out the most common frustrating situations that men find themselves in... but does so in a way that makes all of them resonate very strongly. This means that it works on most lists. We'll get to more specific stats in just a minute.

Basically, the offer goes after the deepest desire in men: making women chase them. Making them feel like the women they desire, desire them back. That's the deepest, core desire in men. If you think about it, regardless of the situation they find themselves in, that's what most men want.

They want to feel like that special woman they can't stop thinking about DESIRES them back - or just women in general. That's why this offer works so well, it's broad enough to call out different situations, but specific enough to resonate with every kind of man.

Who is this for?

  • A guy that has a crush on a girl he knows or is in the dreadful friend zone.
  • Men that can't hold women's interest long enough or are "ghosted" often.
  • Older men that wan't to get back into the dating scene after some time.
  • Average Joes that just want more success with women overall.

The Big Hook:

We're having loads of success because this promo is very intuitive - it matches the beliefs and the reality known to most men.

The "Big Idea" here is that they haven't been having the female success they want because they've been trying to attract women LOGICALLY by doing what women say they "want" in a man, and by blindly following what the media wants us to believe.

What most men don't know, is that the female brain is biologically programmed to feel attracted to some very specific traits in men. It has always been like this, and will always continue to be.

So, by targeting their subconscious mind directly, which is programmed in a very specific way and is about 30,000x more powerful than the rational brain, men can make women feel attracted to them on a very deep primal level.

That's the foundation of "Subliminal Attraction Programming". A system where we'll teach them all this subliminal attraction triggers that most women respond to.

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  • Super High Conversion Rates on Ice Cold Traffic! (We're Seeing between 3-4% So Far) And this is just the start. The conversion rate will keep soaring every month, because our expert marketers are split-testing this offer like mad men.
  • Incredibly LOW Refund Rates because we overdeliver on the content. (Currently at 1.4%) All of the techniques have been tested by the creators, and many other men. Your readers/ list will love you for recommending this product.
  • The copy of the VSL was written with the highest level of sophistication in mind, meaning it works on the coldest, most sophisticated audiences available. It will convert regardless of the traffic source.
  • Affiliates earn 75% commission on the entire funnel, with a cap potential of $186 per sale. And if you start doing good volume, we'll bump up your commission to 90% making it a max of $223 per sale.
  • Over $2 EPC on our first funnel flow and on ice cold traffic. We're currently testing different flows and about to add a third upsell step, meaning this $2 EPC will be much higher soon.
  • This offer was added to the marketplace just recently so there are less affiliates promoting it and very few people have seen it... meaning it's a goldmine for the first smart affiliates that hop on our Choo Choo train!

Conversion rate on cold traffic

Refund rate so far

Funnel Details & Payouts

Potential payout of $186!

If you need something special, let us know and we'll do what we can to accommodate you.

And please remember:

❌ Do not spam in any way.

❌ Do not advertise your own bonuses or anything additional of your own.

❌ Do not claim to represent Subliminal Attraction Programming.

❌ Do not advertise incorrect pricing.

❌ Do not direct link to any order form.

Anyone found doing this will be blacklisted immediately.

We view our affiliates as our partners. Your success means our success. We will do our best to support you for our mutual success.

So if you need extra material or different resources, contact us, and we'll prepare them for you.

Thank you for being our affiliate, and please, if there's anything we can do to help - just let us know. Shoot us an email at eric@attractionprogramming.com

Bernardo Bento

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